14 Inches of Fist

It’s brilliant. If you want some raw, visceral rock’n’roll thrills this 14 Inches of Fist┬ácomes highly recommended. Just prepare for the need to go and lie down in a darkened room after listening.

  1. One Man Party
  2. 14 Inches of Fist
  3. Set It On Fire
  4. Wild Love
  5. Firing Line
  6. S.U.P.L.E.X.
  7. Two Girls
  8. J.D. Attack
  9. Ass Technica
  10. No Pain No Gain
  11. You’ve Got Some Nerve
  12. Pancho
  13. Chicken Rich
  14. White Shoes

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  1. Hosting Italia

    D’you want to know what insanity sounds like? How about a rocket going off? What does the inside of the rocket sound like? It’s a car as it falls of the side of a very steep cliff, that moment when it hits the floor. Atomic Suplex might well be the answer for these questions. Sure, insanity isn’t funny, but if it had this as the soundtrack?

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