We play on Saturday at the 1st Annual Turbojugend Dirty Brighton Weekend August 12 – August 13


Weekend tickets – £10
Day Tickets – £6

Two nights of denim and chaos in the heart of Brighton starring bands such as:

FRIDAY: The Quadrant (very intimate show only 50 cap)

The Sick Livers
All the way from the ancient land of Cymru The Sick Livers will open your eyes to rock n roll glam punk. Expect sex, drugs and denim.

A covers band that you can star in.

She Crazy
Brightons own relentless garage 3 piece ready to blow minds.

Grand Guru
New to Brighton Grand Guru is a one man blues/punk/hardcore machine from across the channel. The French never sounded so filthy.

SATURDAY 13th: The Prince Albert

Atomic Suplex
The unstoppable force met the immovable object and Atomic Suplex were born. Bring tissues as this Rock n roll/garage freight train will melt your excuse for a face.

Boycott The Baptist
Kneel and beg for forgiveness when Boycott The Baptist bless you with their juicy blend of crust/punk/grind.
“The funniest grind band I’ve ever seen” -Fred West 1982

King Of Pigs
Hardcore at its purest. Nottinghams finest, King Of Pigs join us to show everyone how HC should be.

Rotten Foxes
Brightons resident late night scavengers bringing you steamy unadulterated action. 8 legs you’ll never forget.

The Harry Macintosh Project
The only way to experience a completely new part of your mind is to watch The Harry Macintosh Project. Don’t miss them.

Human Leather
How two people can produce this caliber of noise and energy is incomprehensible.
A flaming meteor of catastrophic annihilation.

All these succulent bands over two nights, weekend also includes:
Party games! Magic! Beach BBQ

Fun Fun Fun

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